Medical science has and continues to move at a rapid pace, finding more successful treatments and techniques to patients who are suffering from serious or terminal conditions, which enables them to defeat these conditions or prolong their lives. We will not insult your intelligence regarding the large number of serious conditions this will apply to.

However, in some cases, such treatments have serious side effects that may be unpleasant in the extreme and therefore considered unbearable to the patient and such treatments may also do so whilst offering little or no chance of recovery. For some, such procedures that prolong life or alleviate injuries may not be in line with their lifestyle or religious beliefs. An individual, therefore, may not wish to proceed with such a course of treatment.

A Living Will, which is also known as an Advanced Directive, keeps you in control by allowing you to state which treatments you would or would not wish to receive in the event of you becoming seriously ill in the future and were unable to communicate with regards to the decisions and the treatment relating to your care. This allows the doctors treating you to know what treatments and procedures you want or would not wish to have carried out.

Having a Living Will allows your loved ones to know of your wishes in advance and therefore they do not find themselves having to make difficult decisions at this highly emotional time. For example, in order for a life support machine to be switched off, the next of kin would have to give written consent to this after it was confirmed by two doctors, one of whom would have to be a consultant, that your family member had no chance of recovery. By knowing in advance what you want this will help the doctors make the right decisions in such difficult circumstances.

At Willtrust Ltd, we will prepare your Living Will as to your requirements and specifications, with you receiving one extract and each of your Attorney’s or next of kin, doctor and local hospital also receiving a copy. This will give you the peace of mind that your precise wishes are followed.

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