As people’s lives are become increasingly busy, the days can roll into each other and the years fly in, things like end of life planning is something that can always be done another day.

Then one day in your seventies or eighties you’re talking to one of your good friends, a friend you hold close and whose opinions you respect, a friend who is talking about how in his fifties he organised and paid for his own funeral.

Actually he has arranged his and his wives’ funerals; all planned with their family run local independent funeral director. They know what songs they wanted played and which flowers are their favourites.

It hits you – where has the time gone – is this something I should have arranged this years ago. Not only has your friend planned everything but he has also paid for all the funeral directors services at a fraction of what they cost now.


Everyone over 50 should have a Will, so why don’t you arrange a funeral plan too?


By paying up front at today’s prices you should save more than half of the eventual cost, and would it not be better to pay for it from your income rather than your pension. At 50 most people are near the peak of their income so the costs are easiest to bear. With a 50+ pre-paid funeral plan you can also take advantage of paying by Fixed Monthly Payment for a very modest monthly cost, or pay the full cost of the plan upfront, the choice is yours and there is something for everyone’s budget.

Having made this early provision you will then attend funerals and think about what you really want. Once the plan is all in place you will benefit from the peace of mind and you will have removed the additional stress of making the arrangements from your loved ones at what will inevitably be a difficult and emotional time for them.


Here are seven good reasons to buy a funeral plan:

  1. You buy at today’s prices and protect yourself against all those rising costs which are under the control of the funeral director. A recent report (Mintel 2011) shows that funeral costs have increased by 61% in seven years. If this trend continues, the average cost of a funeral will have rocketed to almost £7,654 by 2018
  2. A pre-paid funeral plan will GUARANTEE the costs for your funeral regardless of how much they cost when it is required
  3. Peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of in advance
  4. Funeral wishes that you may express in your Will are not binding upon your Executors, whereas a pre-paid funeral plan guarantees the service of the funeral director and that you can specify your wishes to make your funeral special and unique to you
  5. Fewer decisions for loved ones to make at an already stressful time
  6. No financial worry for your family: your funeral director costs are taken care of, and you have included an allowance for the other costs
  7. One phone call to your allocated funeral director will activate your plan


The money you pay into your funeral plan is held in Trust and also managed by Independent Trustees. This ensures that your hard earned money is both safe and secure. It is not paid to the funeral director at this point, only when it is required thereby further protecting your money in the event they go out of business as your money would be lost.

Aside from the financial implications of your funeral there are other considerations. At a turbulent and emotional time all the stress can and does weight heavily on those left behind. Making one phone call to your local funeral director will alleviate such stresses as they will visit your family, make all the necessary arrangements including your specific wishes. Your thoughtfulness in having made a pre-paid funeral plan and having taken away all of the stresses of making such an arrangement will be a great comfort to you and very much appreciated by those that you have left behind.


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