Our preferred partner solicitors are a firm of UK wide solicitors which specialise in Family Protection Trusts, with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. They are an approved firm of solicitors for building societies as well as other business and financial institutions.

We have found that many firms of solicitors can set up a Trust but very few have the necessary experience and expertise to make it work when needed. If it does not work when you need it to, you will have wasted your money.

There are other reasons why we use our preferred partner solicitors for Family Protection Trusts.

Unlike most solicitors they do not charge an annual management charge for running the Trust. They do not charge for being Trustees. They do not charge for closing the Trust. They are experts in the field. They have set up Family Protection Trusts for many clients throughout the UK and not just in Scotland. Together they will guide you sympathetically through the process if care is required. Expertise at this point can make all the difference between success and failure.

If there is a dispute with the local authority, our recommended solicitors will deal with that. They do not charge for doing so.

And if a Court action is needed our preferred partner solicitors will even attend to that free of charge provided they feel at their sole discretion that there is a reasonable prospect of success and that it is sensible to raise or defend such an Action.

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